Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600 Outer Front Glass Lens Screen Replacement Frame

    • Replace your broken Samsung Galaxy S5 screen with our front glass kit - includes glass, tools, screen protector.
    • That dreaded feeling when you drop your phone only to look down and see that you have cracked the front screen. Well, we have nearly all experienced it and deep down we hate that feeling of having to waste next weeks paycheck paying someone to fix it. But this is not the case, if you feel you have what it takes to do the task, it can easily be done at home in under an hour.
    • Our kits include just about everything to get your new screen in place and come professionally packaged to ensure minimal chances of anything breaking in transit.
    • This is not a easy repair for most, if you do not feel comfortable competing the repair yourself, take the phone to a repair store and get it professionally replaced.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Good product, and with a bit of work can save you lots of money

    Followed the instructions from a couple youtube videos an it worked out well.
    Positives: the glass is a perfect fit; the tools were useful - the wire worked well for the big pieces, but when it came to the shattered part it was useless, so i just used bicycle cards which worked perfectly; the 3M tape seems to be working well without any LOCA glue.
    Negatives: The glass doesn't seem to have any coating to prevent fingerprints(photo attached); the "samsung logo" below the top speaker is missing - looks a bit awkward without it; I don't think the phone is waterproof anymore.
    Overall, 2 hours of work and 20 bucks beats buying the LCD/glass combo for $200 - just watch some videos, go slow and make sure you have the right tools (i used a blow dryer and bicycle cards to separate the glue and it worked just fine). Not bad for a quick fix, we'll see if it lasts.

    Be careful lol

    Well...we broke this screen TOO soooooo yeah be careful LOL!!! It is worth buying this kit in the end as that means you don't have to pay someone $300 to fix your cracked screen :)

    Complete but take your time

    Product is good quality, glass and all tools needed, mine was difficult because my boken glasd was shattered in many small pieces, getting the old glue off was time consuming. Instructions helped but doesn't mention a few steps like the thin insert. They do have a YouTube video.

    Good value for the money

    yay! my crack is gone. Just be careful around your home button. You could damage it. It might be worthwhile to buy a home button at the same time. They're only a few bucks.
    I used a hair dryer to replace mine. A Harbor Freight heat gun was overkill on another phone I did, and it left permanent discoloration in the LCD.