Premium J Adjustable Shoulder Corrector Back Brace Belt Magnetic Posture Support

  •  - 100% Brand new and High Quality 
     - His Ultra Comfortable Magnetic Posture Support Will Help You Stand Taller And Straighter Which Will Make You Look Better And Feel Younger.
     - Specially Designed to Help Correct Your Posture
     - It Will Discourage Unflattering Stooped Shoulders And General Slouching.
     - 12 magnets placed in the spine and lumbar region,Twelve enclosed magnets give you the benefits of Nagnetic Therapy Right Where it's needed.
     - Chinese Remedies Suggest That it Can Increase Blood Flow and Circulation to Help Speed up the Healing Process and Alleviate Pain.
     - This is an Easier, More Comfortable Way to Enjoy the Health & Wellness Benefits of Magnetic Energy by Wearing this Magnetic Back Support.
     - It features flexible Elastic Straps and also an Adjustable Waistband to Fit Comfortably.
     - Comfortable & Light to Wear Uunderneath Clothes.
     - Magnetic Posture Support Adjustable Back Shoulder Corrector Brace Belt Unisex
     - Posture Corrector Magnetic Therapy Back Support Brace Belt Shoulder Adjustable
     - Back elastic belt width : 4.3cm/ 1.69
     - Waist elastic belt width: 7cm/ 2.75”
     - Fits 39”-42” chest (strap is adjustable)
     - Velcro hair side : 30 (L)x7 cm (W) / 11.8”(L) x2.75”(W)
     - Overall dimension : 104-134cm(L)x 33-40 cm(W) / 40.94”- 52.75” (L) x 13”-15.7” (W)
     - The Best WearTime is about 2hours.
     - When It Comes to Washing ,the Water Temperature should not Exceed 30 ℃ and Strong Alkaline Detergent is not Suggested. Do not Soak in Water for a Long Time or Sun Exposure to Avoid Fabric Aging.
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