New RMT-TX100D/TX102D Replaced TV Remote for SONY Bravia KD-55X8507C KD-55X8508C

  • New RMT-TX100D/TX102D Replaced Remote Control fit for SONY TV.
    • Model: RMT-TX100D/TX102D
    • Connection Type: Infrared
    • No any program needed, only put into brand new battery will work well.
    • We sold is REPLACED remote control, but functions 100% same as original remote.
    • AU seller, quick shipping.
    • 60 days warranty, Accept return and exchange in warranty period.

    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models: (Not only these models)

    KD-43X8301C KD-43X8305C KD-43X8307C KD-43X8308C KD-43X8309C KD-49X8301C KD-49X8305C KD-49X8307C KD-49X8308C KD-49X8309C
    KD-55X8501C KD-55X8505C KD-55X8507C KD-55X8508C KD-55X8509C KD-55X9005C KD-55X9305C KD-65X8501C KD-65X8505C KD-65X8507C
    KD-65X8508C KD-65X8509C KD-65X9005C KD-65X9305C KD-75X8501C KD-75X8505C KD-75X9405C KDL-43W755C KDL-43W756C KDL-43W805C
    KDL-43W807C KDL-43W808C KDL-43W809C KDL-50W755C KDL-50W756C KDL-50W805C KDL-50W807C KDL-50W808C KDL-50W809C 
    KDL-55W755C KDL-55W756C KDL-55W805C KDL-55W807C KDL-55W808C KDL-55W809C KDL-65W855C KDL-65W857C KDL-65W858C 
    KDL-65W859C KDL-75W855C KD-55X850xC FW-55X8570C KD-43X830xC

    Packing List:

    • 1 pcs X Remote Control

    Note: If you are not sure whether this remote is you need,  you can contact our customer service, they will give you more professional suggestion.

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