New Remote Control AKB72915206 for LG TV 50PK750 60PK750 42LD550 42LE5400

  • New Replaced AKB72915206 Remote Control fit for LG LCD TV.
    • Model: AKB72915206
    • Connection Type: Infrared
    • No any program needed, only put into brand new battery will work well.
    • We sold is REPLACED remote control, but functions 100% same as original remote.
    • AU seller, quick shipping.
    • 60 days warranty, Accept return and exchange in warranty period.

    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models: (Not only these models)

    26LD352C 42LX6500 47LX6500 55LX6500 50PK750 60PK750

    42LD550 42LE5400 46LD550 52LD550 60LD550 47LD650 

    32LE5400 47LE5400 55LE5400 42LE5350 47LE5350 47LE5500 

    42LE7500 47LE7500 55LE7500 47LE8500 AKB72915201 26LE5300 

    55LD520 19LD350 19LD350UB 19LE5300 22LD350 22LD350UB 

    22LE5300 22LE5300UE 22LE5500 26LD350 26LD350C 

    26LD350CUA 26LD350UB 26LE5300UE 26LE5500 32LD350UB 

    32LD420 32LD450UA 32LD520 32LD520UA 32LE5300 32LE5300UC 

    37LD450 37LD450C 37LE5300 37LE5300UC 42LD420 42LD450 

    42LD450C 42LD450UA 42LD520 42LD520UA 42LD630 42LE5300 

    42LE7300 47LD420 47LD450C 47LD450UA 47LD520 47LD520UA 

    47LD630 47LE5300 47LE7300 55LD520C 55LD520UA 55LD630 

    55LE5300 55LE7300 32LD350 37LD450UA 19LD350C 22LD350C 

    32LD320 32LD550 55LE5500 42LE5500 55LD650 55LE8500 

    47LE530C 42LE530C 55LE530C 26LD350UBCUSDLH 





    Packing List:

    • 1 pcs X Remote Control

    Note: If you are not sure whether this remote is you need,  you can contact our customer service, they will give you more professional suggestion.

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