Military Grade High Power RED Laser Pointer Pen

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    • Why do we need laser pointer?
    • 1. Laser pointers enhance verbal guidance given to audiences, widely used for educational and business presentations.
    • 2. Laser pointers can be useful in hiking or outdoor activities. (rescue signal, scare wild animals, bright enough to scare away large wild animal and so on)
    • 3. Laser pointers are popular entertainment toy for many pet owners. 
    • 4. Widely use in parties
    • 5. Green laser pointers can also be used for amateur astronomy. (Point to any stars you like)
    • 6. Red laser pointers can be used in almost any indoor or low-light situation where pointing out details by hand may be inconvenient, such as in Construction work or interior decorating.


    • Max Output power:
    • Wave length Red Laser: 650nm
    • Range in darkness: more than 1000 meters.
    • Power supply: 18650 Rechargeable Battery (Not include)
    • Output mode: Constant Wave.
    • Laser colour: Red


    • Never point at people and always avoid direct eye contact. Please keep out of reach of children

    Package included:

    • 1x laser pointer + 1 rotate pattern cap + 1 Portable Hand Strap
    • (No Battery and Gift box include)
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