iron ingot cooking tool, Standard, Cast Iron

    • NO UNPLEASANT SIDE EFFECTS: Lucky Iron Fish adds iron to your diet without causing constipation or nausea. The Lucky Iron Fish is a natural alternative for treating iron deficiency and anemia, ideal for vegans, vegetarians, athletes, pregnant and nursing women, and anyone else needing to boost their iron intake in a safe, natural and effective way.
    • AFFORDABLE: Compared to iron supplements, the Lucky Iron Fish can be used every day and is reusable for 5 years, making it very cost effective.
    • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Backed by clinical research by universities around the world, the Lucky Iron Fish delivers a safe and gentle amount of iron, making it a constipation free solution for your iron deficiency anemia. Our product is Made in Canada in an ISO9002 facility and is tested for safety and quality throughout the entire process.
    • QUICK AND EASY: Simply boil the Lucky Iron Fish in 4 cups (1/4 gal., 1L) of water for 10 minutes with a drop of lemon, citrus or other form of acidity and receive a portion of your daily required iron intake (4-7 mg). You can drink the infused water and use it to make your favorite caffeine-free drinks. The Lucky Iron Fish is also great to use when cooking soups, stews, sauces or to make rice, quinoa and oatmeal. See tasty recipes at
    • UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE: The Lucky Iron Fish is a carefully formulated and tested cast iron cooking tool that adds a significant portion of your daily iron requirement to your food or drinking water.
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Customer Reviews

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good product swift delivery

this is a good product, purchased to combat anaemia for my mother, works like a charm

Simple and effective

It's easy to use and doesn't affect the flavour of the food. Great!