Handheld UV Black Light Torch Party Stage Dj Pet Detect Money Verify Flashlight

  • Description:

    • This blacklight can be used for verifying hidden security features on identification cards, passports and on most currencies
    • Inbuilt Stand 
    • Hand Strap
    • LED Torch Included
    • A rave; shirts and tattoos become dancers
    Long wave UV light, not harmful to your eyes
    •  Illuminate (to 4 w) anything with Florescent Properties
    • Size: 16.5 x 5.5cm
    •  Power: 4 AA batteries
     4 UV-a Black light lamp
    •  Aprox 375nm - Perfect for applications when 375nm is specified
    •  Lamp base: G5
    •  Compact, lightweight and easy to use
    •  Replacement lamp 106.038
     UV Black Lights can be used for:
    •    Party Fun, reading invisible fluorescent Inks
    •    Club Hand Stamp Screening
    •    Forgery Detection (Banknotes, Traveller Cheque, Credit Cards...)
    •    ID and legal Documents Verification
    •    Finding Pet and Pest Stains
    •    Detects invisible markings, blood, fingerprints, fake money, and more
     How it works:
    • 1. Slide the switch towards "tube" to turn on the blacklight
    • 2. Slide the side switch towards "torch" to turn on the white LED light
    • 3. Slide the switch to the centre to turn lights off
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