ATA PTX6/PTX-6V1 TrioCode GDO Garage Remote Genuine Black 11v1/6v3/6v4/7v2/GEN2

  • Compatibility:

    • DCB-05 (Dual Gate Controller)
    • GDO-6 (EasyRoller)
    • GDO-6v3 (EasyRoller)
    • GDO-6v4 (EasyRoller)
    • GDO-7v2 (SecuraLift)
    • GDO-7v3 (SecuraLift)
    • GDO-8v3 ASM (Shed Master)
    • GDO-9 (Dynamo)
    • GDO-9 (Enduro)
    • GDO-9v2S2
    • GDO-9v2 (SecuraLift)
    • GDO-9v2 (Enduro)
    • GDO-9v3 (Dominator)
    • GDO-9v3 (Dynamo)
    • GDO-10v1 (Toro)
    • GDO-11v1
    • GDO-11v3
    • NES-24v1 (NeoSlider)
    • SGO-1 (Elite)

    Not compatible with PTX-4 (433Mhz) with blue case.

    Not compatible with older ATA motors which still use SecuraCode 433MHz or old 27MHz TX remotes without the use of Tricode receiver card.

    • Transmitter Frequency: 433 MHz
    • Battery: CR2032
    • Coding Type: Rolling
    • Control up to 4 doors


    • Free Battery
    • Free Coding Instructions
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