6 Bags + 2 Filter Fits Miele GN Vacuum Cleaner Hyclean 3D Type Cat n dog Blue

  • Details:

    • 6 x Premium Synthetic Vacuum Bags (Generic)
    • Thicker synthetic material than our Standard Miele Bags for greater filtration and durability
    • Plastic self-closing collar for fuss-free bag changeover
    • Suitable for the range of Brands and Models listed below
    • Includes 1 x Pre-motor Filter and 1 x Exhaust Filter

    Compatible Models:

    • Miele

    Note: These bags are non-original.  However, the bag material is of high quality.

    These bags will fit all Miele vacuums that use GN bags (typically with a Blue plastic collar).

    This pack includes:

    • 6 x Bags
    • 1 x Pre-Motor Filter
    • 1 x Exhaust Filter (for use with models without an Air Clean/HEPA/Carbon filter)

    Fits Models: 

    S2, S5 ,S8
    Complete C3
    Complete C2
    Classic C1

    Below is a more comprehensive list (not all models displayed) 

    S2 – All Models

    S400i, S401i, S402i, S404i, S408i, S410i, S411, S411i, S411i-2, S412i-2, S414i, S414i-2, S420i, S421, S421i, S422i, S422i-2, S242i, S424i-2, S426i, S426i-2, S428, S428i, S428i-2, S434, S434i, S434i 
    White Pearl, S434i-2, S436i, S436i-2, S438i, S438i-2, S442i, S442i-2, S444i, S444i White Pearl, S444i-2, S445i, S445i-2, S446, S446i White Pearl, S446i-2, S447i, S447i-2, S448, S448 White Pearl, S448i, S448i-2, S448i Black Jewel, S456i, S456i-2

    S624, S624 Parquet & Co, S626, S636, S636 Big Cat & Dog, S638, S638 Allergy Control Plus, S658 Blue Moon

    S812, S826, S828, S834, S836, S838, S844, S846, S848, S849, S858, S858 + SEB236

    S2110, S2110 Chilli Red, S2111, S2120, S2120 Royal Blue, S2121, S2130, S2131, S2180, S2181

    S5210, S5211, S5211 Vital Sun, S5220, S5221, S5260, S5261, S5261 Cat & Dog Turbo, S5280, S5280 MedicAir, S5281, S5281 Exclusive Edition 
    S5310, S5310 + SBB, S5311, S5311 + SBB, S5320, S5321, S5360, S5360 Cat & Dog, S5360 Cat & Dog M.A.X, S5361, S5361 Cat & Dog M.A.X, S5380, S5381, S5381 Power
    S5410, S5411, S5420, S5421, S5480, S5481, S5481 Premium Edition, S5481 Auto Eco,
    S5510, S5520, S5560, S5580, S5580 
    Ambiente, S5710, S5711, S5760, S5761, S5780, S5780 TotalCare, S5781, S5781 TotalCare
    S5980, S5980 Revolution PowerPlus, S5980 + SEB217, S5981, S5981 + SEB217, S5981 + SEB236 PowerPlus

    S8310, S8320, S8330, S8340, S8360, S8360 Ecoline, S8370, S8380, S8390
    S8510, S8520, S8530, S8590
    S8710, S8730, S8790, S8790 HEPA 
    S8930, S8990

    S8 – All Models including Cat & Dog  

     * Model numbers are for reference only, these are high quality generic bags.

     * Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the compatibility of this product for your vacuum – both prior to and after purchase.

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