12V H7 21W Xenon White 6000k Car Head Light LED Lamp Globes Bulbs

  • Features

    • Product Advantage:
      1. The products use of imported high-power chips, high brightness, light weakness and other characteristics;
      2. The use of new IC drive. The new circuit board design, the chip's power really play out, the lights brighter than the previous generation increased by 30%, comparable with motorcycle headlight.
      3. The real constant current regulator, stability has increased substantially,
      4. Using the latest high efficiency thermal structure packaging, heat is more perfect.
    • Performance:
      1.Model consistent with the original car, do not change lines, a direct replacement for the original car glass bulb;
      2.lit without delay, low power consumption, power consumption is 1/10 of the traditional halogen lamp, energy saving;
      3.No filament structure, humpback no fever, vehicle control circuit is not easy oxidation;
      4.The light emitting high purity, penetration, no shade filter;
      5.LED are semiconductor solid-state light sources, anti-vibration, waterproof, high luminous efficiency, is the green light.
    • All of our LED bulbs are designed for easy DIY installation & direct replacement. If LED bulb doesn't light up after installation, please simply re-insert it oppositely (because LED bulb has polarity like a battery).


    • 2PCS LED bulbs
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very bright and easy to fit

These led bulbs are great and very very bright .Very easy to fit and great value.

Would use this selelr again!

More suited to city driving - glow from the headlights is softer and less glaring..

More brightness for same power.

Led lights which give substantial improvement in brightness for the same current. Do not interfere with car's auto bulb-failure sensors. Great idea.